Secret Secret

Don’t shoot me.  I’m about to share something so exciting, had I been there to see it live, I would’ve completely lost my mind with tears of joy – and probably would’ve lost my voice.

Last night at Five Point Ampitheater in Irvine, CA, Styx stunned the crowd with a huge surprise encore.  I just literally found out a few minutes ago on a private fan site, where a link to a live video was shared.

At first, I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears.  But when I started reading the comments – “fake news” , “Tommy HATES that album.  He’d never ever play it” , “It didn’t happen” – I realized just how many Styx fans jumped on Tommy’s old bandwagon.

While I never understood Tommy’s dislike for Kilroy Was Here, I can’t be angry with his opinion.  To each their own.

MY only regret is that I never planned to see Styx this year.  It just isn’t in my budget.  And now I’m crying because they’re playing my favorite Styx song ever.  I really want to see it live, even though it’s not Dennis DeYoung singing it.  Lawrence is an amazing vocalist, and he did an outstanding job performing it last night.

Here’s the original with Dennis DeYoung on lead vocals.


And here is last night…


Simply The Best

So, how was everyone’s Memorial Day weekend?  Did anyone do anything different?

In North America, we like to honor all those who have lost their lives defending our country, as well as deceased loved ones in general.  People attend dedication ceremonies at old cemeteries, and proceed throughout the holiday with activities such as having a barbecue and attending fireworks for an early summer kick-off.

Speaking of barbecue, who here lives for it?  We aren’t quite as enthusiastic as some, but we definitely love our Chiavetta’s.

Ahhhh, one of the many tastes of home – Western New York for me.

Western New Yorkers often brag about specialty foods, and cry when they can’t get it if they are forced to move out of the area … like we had to.  Lucky for us, we are just a day drive and a night or two stay away.  Whenever we make a trip, we make a point of stocking up on things like Chiavetta’s marinade, Rootie’s chunky blue cheese, and Anchor Bar chicken wing sauce.  Oh, Sahlen’s hot dogs and Miller’s horseradish.

I laugh because there are so many specialty foods I miss.  Roast beef on kimmelweck rolls is another one.

And let’s not forget Mighty Taco, which I just had the other day when I was in town.  OMG, it was sooooooo goooood.  I was literally making obscene noises as I inhaled my 2 tacos.

But now, the long wait until my next visit – whenever that will be, because I’m BROKE after a major setback yesterday.  Setbacks suck, but sometimes they’re necessary.

Finally, getting back on track with my diet is going to suck.  I’m already hangry.

Time to invest in a lot of bottled water….



Only one artist makes me beg.  For what, I don’t know.  For more music maybe?  I’m not sure I’ll ever know, but every single time I listen to David Garrett, or watch a video of him, or see him live, ‘PLEASE‘ is always on repeat in my mind.

A true David Garrett fan might agree to all of the above statements.

Since a recent herniated disc, fans have been concerned and anxiously awaiting any news of his return to the stage.  His talents will never be forgotten, and his fans are vigilant.

That said, after an extended weekend away, I am now settling back into routine with David Garrett’s music.  If you’ve never experienced crossover classical / rock music, I highly recommend this young man.  He is very charismatic, and once you discover who he is, I guarantee you’ll be hooked … line and sinker.

This Mom Isn’t Old!

When I was little, I always thought my parents were old.  Hell, everyone seems practically archaic through the eyes of youth.  But these days, with the help of Botox and other modern miracles, there are 50+ folks walking around out there, looking not a day over 30!

With fashion and makeup comes youth.

But many youths don’t see it that way.  They think we shouldn’t be acting like 20-somethings.

For example, 8 years ago, when I was sick and recovering from a nasty cholecystectomy (gallbladder surgery), I went shopping for some nice clothes.  I wanted skinny jeans and some low cut skimpy tops to show off my new figure.  What does my daughter hand me in the store?

E X C U S E     M E ? ! ? ! ? !  DO I LOOK LIKE GRANDMA?????

“But MOOOOMMMMM, you’re too old to be wearing spaghetti strap camis and skinny jeans.”  Thanks kid.  I love you too.

I refuse to obey the laws of aging.  I’m totally going to act less than 21 – within reason.  I’m discovering just how pissed off my liver is getting.  AND, God is playing a cruel trick on me with dark circles under my eyes.  I look like a raccoon, and I’m about to start using makeup for once, even though I never leave my house.

I hate dark circles.  They make me look twenty years older than I actually am.  And no amount of sleep helps.  Allergies suck.  So does crying all the time.  Don’t ask about the crying…

That said, it’s 5:00 somewhere.  Time for an early schnerpit (my big bro’s term for a few sips of somethin’ somethin’) as I make a weekend list.  I love lists about as much as I love laundry.

And finally, this will be me when I’m old.



Thanks, Phil

Last night’s dreams were scattered, with few details remembered.

In case you’re wondering who Phil is, he’s the very flirty half of a dorky duo I love and sometimes include in my entries.  But I didn’t dream about him.  He’s just to blame for what I’m about to assault you with.

The first thing I remember is going to the doctor to get my ear cleaned.  I think I was trying to reach my brain irl as I slept.  I have a very itchy ear for some reason.  Mainly the side I sleep on.  Anyway, the doctor insisted that I had to see an oral surgeon for the tmj & tinnitus I have.

Uh, excuse me, how did she know I have tmj & tinnitus?  Apparently my ears were ringing so loudly, she could hear it.   So she was now guiding me into another exam room, where there were a ton of drills, scalpels, and other torture devices all over the place.

After pleading with the oral surgeon, convincing him I’ve already had enough surgeries for three lifetimes, he let me go with a prescription to help me with my vertigo.  Thanks for the anxiety, doc.  I hate you.  Now give me some Xanax while you’re at it … ???

Then I was driving in the dark to find an open convenience store because now I was thirsty and hungry af.  I’m pretty sure I was hungry and thirsty irl.  I woke at 3 to visit the throne, and I consume almost 20 ounces of water again.  And then Kevin woke up for work, and he was like “Are you okay?”  “No.”  Because on my way back to bed, I somehow gave myself a muscle spasm in my upper back, next to my shoulder blade.  Great.

Once I finally drifted off again, I was now sitting in my dad’s garage, with Criss Angel asking him a bunch of questions about me.  He apparently wanted to hire me as an assistant in his secret Las Vegas warehouse.

But as I was cleaning up the garage – because CRISS ANGEL WAS THERE! – I bent to pick up something, and my dad made a weird face.  I must’ve sat in something, because Criss was now staring at my ass.

Leave it to my dad to say “You really need to take better care of your lady door”. WTF DAD!!!  AND PHIL, for his Goddamn lady door!  Well, at least Criss didn’t chime in with female exit.  And if you’re not a phannie, you’ll have no f*cking clue what the hell I’m on about with lady door and female exit.

If you’re from the UK, then you’re more likely to know who Dan and Phil are.  That’s Phil on the right.  And my daughter says I’m a very bad cougar for liking them.

And now it’s time to face 6 baskets of laundry.  I’d rather clean the bathroom.