In A Flash

How do two hours go by so quickly?  Why couldn’t it have been six hours?  Can someone invent a device to slow down time, so that fans can enjoy themselves when they see their favorite artists?

I’ve just returned from Dan and Phil’s Interactive Introverts stage show, and even though my throat is shot from screaming, and I have outrageous heartburn from the amazing pizza I ingested at what I thought was a decent hour, I’m sitting here wide awake, going over the entire show in my mind … and crying happy tears, already missing them like it was last week.

Our seats were better than I imagined, based on the online seating charts I chose from when I purchased the tickets back in December.  I thought we would be squinting to see them, but OMG were they close!

Out of respect for Dan and Phil’s wishes, I will not post spoilers, other than to say they gave the people what they wanted – for the most part … minus the obvious things a typical phangirl wants to see them do.  It’s a family show for God sake!  They can’t do those things on stage.

Go read phanfiction if you want that stuff….

To be honest, every single second of the show was unforgettable.

Now that I’m winding down, other things are beginning to hurt.  I’m getting too old for this kind of shit.  My face hurts from smiling, my throat hurts from screaming and laughing, and I feel gross because it was so hot in the venue, I went into full hot flash mode, and the female usher in front of me was like SAME when she saw me fanning myself.

But Dan and Phil are worth the suffering.  They make me laugh and smile, and I can’t remember the last time I really enjoyed myself like that.  My heart and soul are light again.

Thanks, boys!

PS: My daughter warned me about crying, but it happened anyway.  It was unavoidable, even though I met them two years ago.  I didn’t really know them then.  Now, I’m so far in the bin, I’m afraid I’ll never return.


Pulp Non-Fiction

Every once in a while, I’ll dream about going to the movies.  It’s something I don’t often do, because I like to save it for something I really want to see.  Most movies can wait until they’re available for streaming or rent.  The drive-in is always a fun thing, but it rarely happens in my dreams.  Last night it happened. Continue reading

Who Knew?

Oddball thrillers/horrors aren’t usually on my watch list, but I was looking for something different last night.  As I sat helping my daughter sand some dressers for her apartment, I turned on Netflix, and proceeded to watch Creep.  And because horror, or anything remotely creepy, isn’t her ‘thing’, she called it quits, and retreated to her room while I finished the movie, and sanding.

Warning:  Spoilers ahead! Continue reading

I Need TP

And a change of panties.

I just finished watching the first The Descent movie on Netflix, and I’m in need of something.  I don’t know what yet, but I’m taking a brief break, and then I’m going to torture myself some more with the sequel – after dinner, because I need to get some stuff done around the house before I decide to say screw it.

I don’t usually watch many horror films on Netflix, since I usually see them as they show on HBO, Starz, etc.  Once in a while I’ll order a pay-per-view.  But since I’m bored at the moment, I decided to scared the living shite out of myself with a movie many critics warned about.

It may be an older film, but if you’re horror fan like I am, and you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a really good watch.  But be forewarned, if you’re even mildly claustrophobic – like I am! – this may not be for you.  I won’t spoil it, but there are a few scenes that had me almost exiting right out of Netflix.  I did that with the new Blair Witch movie when a character got stuck in a mud tunnel underneath a house in the woods.

And finally, a trailer, because it’s always necessary in a review, imho.  But if you don’t like spoilers, like I know some people who don’t, then keep scrolling.


The ending was definitely a surprise, and I’ll leave it at that.  Now, it’s time for a brew, since I’m definitely awake, and don’t need coffee anymore.