I Will Never Paint Like Bob Ross

Or even Jenna Marbles, for that matter.  Like her, I have art fear.  Mainly when it comes to painting.  I can draw a little bit.  I relax best when I doodle, using the Zentangle method for a bit of inspiration.

My mom used to love painting, and she often followed a lot of what Bob Ross did, and we found some really great ‘practice’ paintings on regular paper when we cleaned out the house after my dad passed.

Now, since Bob Ross is popular again – was he ever not popular? – I’m getting ready to binge on his series.  I still learning how much Roku has to offer, and I found a freaking Bob Ross channel!

The best part of Bob Ross is I truly believe he was the original ASMRtist.  In the literal sense.  His voice is so soothing.

If you have Netflix, I think his series might still be available for streaming.

I’m In A Situation

Mukbang videos usually don’t trigger me, but today, I’m dead, and tomorrow, I’m running out to Chipotle for their chips and guac.  Maybe a bowl, if they’ll serve me a kids’ bowl, because that’s about all I can eat without dying from a stretched stomach.

And because I’m craving loaded nachos for some reason, I’ve watched 4 consecutive loaded nachos mukbang videos, and this guy by far outdoes the rest.

His presentation and enjoyment made my stomach growl.  But I can’t eat at night, or I’ll suffer.  No heavy eating past 6:30 for me.  And no radishes.  That’s like putting anchovies on pizza.  EW.  Sorry, Quang.

But my GOD!  I’m tempted to go to the store and put together my own loaded nachos.  Or, maybe I’ll just order loaded nachos for dinner tomorrow when we go out for my birthday.  Now I’m torn, because we’re going to a burger place, and I’ve been dying for a burger.  Maybe I’ll just make the nachos, or maybe I’ll go get some for lunch.  YEAH!!!

Meanwhile, I’m off to watch one more video before I cry into a small cup of applesauce.  Miss Molly, my fish, died.  I’ll be shopping for her replacement this weekend.


Pass The Cheese, Please

Babybel Light is a fave, in case you’re wondering.  Cheese and dairy aren’t exactly on the ‘healthier choices’ list right now, but these low-fat delights are nice for the occasional craving.  It doesn’t take much cheese to satisfy me, unless we’re talking about casseroles.

Speaking of casseroles, I’m just now getting around to writing about some of my dreams last night.  Continue reading

Why Do I Torture Myself?

This may be a repeat statement, but I may never sleep again.  I’m an idiot for watching horror films at night.  I never learn.

Any horror I watch is usually reserved for midday, so that I can block it out by the time I hit the pillow.  But last night I just couldn’t wait, and I proceeded with renting Hereditary.

One of my best friends is a serious horror fan, and when she says something is creepy, I’m like a mosquito drawn to light, and can’t wait to watch whatever freaked her out.  Hereditary didn’t disappointment, but GODDAMN was it messed up!  F*cked up ending aside, the entire film was one huge creepy escalation, which at one point made me scream OH MY GOD, which in turn made Kevin come running out of the bedroom to see what was wrong.

“Oh, nothing.  Just a possessed mother who float-crawled across the room, trying to kill her son.”  And then he shook his head at me because I was watching a horror movie at night.  To top it off, I had a pillow and my blanket to hide behind, because it was that creepy.  I haven’t done that since the first time I watched Salem’s Lot when I was 10.

And of course afterwards I had to reprogram my head with a bit of Nick Jr. before I went to bed, because if I didn’t, there would be no sleeping.  Even then, I stayed up until 1:30, scrolling on my phone, alternating several times between Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and several other platforms.  Nothing like a little phanfiction and mukbang to calm my creeped out brain.

If you’re a fan of horror, and haven’t seen Hereditary, you might like this film.  Or not.  It depends on what kind of horror you like.